TLC Stone

The mystifying power of marble has been recognized by humans for centuries. This is why we craft TLC Stones with beautiful high quality polished marble and striking artwork. With heat and pressure, we embed fine art imagery or your custom image into the stone, transforming the marble into an elegant keepsake or wonderful gift.

Synchronize your body rhythms with the marble. As you hold your stone, use it to pray, meditate, or to just relax. Your TLC Stone™ will help you affirm love, hope, healing or connectedness. As you feel the smooth marble in your hand, allow yourself to feel energy, comfort and peace flowing into your being. The longer you hold your stone, the more benefits you will derive from it.

Share your TLC today by giving a friend or loved one a TLC Stone™ from Stoneworks Coaster Company. Only $9.95 with free shipping. Four or more TLC Stones with the same image are $6.00 each with free shipping. Your custom image or photograph will have a $10.00 one-time Photoshop and setup fee.

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