FAQ - general

How is the image put onto the surface of the custom art coasters?

We print our photo tiles using a scientific method called dye-sublimation printing. Sublimation printing is the process by which a solid state transitions to a gas phase without passing through an intermediate liquid phase. In other words the solid dye particles are changed into gas using heat and pressure, then bonds as a solid into the surface of the marble, stone, or porcelain tile.  We use state-of-the art materials and equipment and produce durable and high quality coasters and tiles.

What size are the art coasters and tiles?

At this time we offer 4 x 4 and 6 x 6 coasters and tiles. However, if you have a special request, please dont hesitate to contact us.  We also offer art mosaic sets starting as small as 12 x 24.

What are the coasters/tiles made of and what is the difference between a coaster and a tile?

Stoneworks Coaster Company uses several types of material depending on the artwork or photograph to be printed.  The material choice is usually left up to our printing artist, but we can satisfy your personal preferences if you like.  We use a beautiful natural or photo-white tumbled marble for most fine art photography. Very fine images that have faces and other fine detail is best to print on our photo-white marble.  These printings show more detail of the photograph, but less grain of the marble.  Other images are better suited to the natural marble which shows more grain of the actual stone.  Sometimes the grain, which is unique for each piece, becomes a part of the art and adds extra value and uniqueness to the piece.  Whatever method is used, the tumbling process makes each marble piece unique and one of a kind. The matte natural tumbled marble has a matte stone finish that presents any art or image in an old-world fashion. Each coaster or tile is individually cut, causing some variation in color, texture, size and thickness. You may find small fissures, chipped edges and corners on some pieces that give it character and its own unique beauty.

The terms for coaster and tile are used more or less interchangeably, depending on what the final product is used for.  We consider any product with a cork backing to be a coaster, while plain stone or porcelain backed pieces are called tiles.  Coasters are used as coasters, art displays in a stand, or as paper weights, etc.  Tiles are used in photo mosaics, kitchen or bathroom backsplases, and so on.

The Realtor Closing Gifts are made on a Tuscan porcelain coaster with a cork backside which is branded with the Realtor contact information.

How can I display my art coasters?

We offer steel coaster stands and a coaster caddy that holds up to 4 stone coasters as shown below.

What images are best for the coasters and tiles?

We recommend using images that are a minimum of 300 dpi for best quality. The image can be in a variety of formats such as jpeg, giff, tiff, pdf and psd. Please contact us if you need assistance with uploading the images to us. If you do not have your image in digital format you can take it to many photo copy locations and they can scan it for you. We will accept originals but we do NOT take responsibility for any damage or loss in transit to or from our facility.  As a rule of thumb, fine art digital images should be at least a megabyte in size or larger.  The higher the file size of your image the better the resolution.  It is very easy for us to downsize an image to insure a high quality photograph, rather than to have to enlarge an image which causes pixelation and a lower quality image.

Can I use photographs from a professional photographer for my custom art coasters?

Professional photographs are copyrighted. You will need your photographers consent in the form of a release letter and then we will be able to use them for your coasters.

Will the coasters/tiles fade?

The marble coaster/tiles will fade if used outdoors and are not recommend for outdoor use.  Porcelain tiles can be used outdoors, but direct sunlight will cause very slight fading. We suggest that the tiles be kept in a protected area, away from direct sunlight and avoid using abrasive cleaners.

Do the coasters/tiles absorb moisture?

No, the coasters are made from stone or porcelain.  We can do special orders of sandstone coasters but the sandstone is not recommended for photographs.

How do I clean my coasters/tiles?

The recommended method for cleaning the coasters is by hand with mild dish-soap and warm water. Just be careful not to soak the cork backing. Please do not use any abrasive cleaners or pads as this may scratch the image.

Will the coasters/tiles scratch my furniture?

We sell our coasters with a cork backing in order to protect your furniture, although scratching may occur if the edges of the stone are rubbed against the surface of your furniture,  counters, etc.

Marble or porcelain tiles have no backing and are intended only for gluing and mortaring onto a wall or back-splash or other art piece that can be framed.